Every day I wake up

                        captain beefheart - grown so ugly

                   I got up this morning
                   And I put on my shoes
                   I tied my shoes
                   Then I washed my face
                   I went to the mirror
                   For to comb my head
                   I made a move
                   Didn’t know what to do
                   I tipped way forward
                   Got to break and run

                   Baby, this ain’t me
                   Baby, this ain’t me
                   Got so ugly I don’t even know myself

                   I left Angola
                   Go walking down my street
                   Knock upon my baby’s door
                   My baby come out
                   She asks me who I am
                   And I say, honey,
                   Don’t you know your man?
                   She said my man’s been gone
                   Since 1942
                   And I’ll tell you Mr. Ugly,
                   He didn’t look like you

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